Services for Sellers

Success is in preparation. As a listing professional, I know the best ways to sell your home efficiently and effectively. In doing so, I develop a customized marketing strategy tailored to your home’s specific demographic of buyers. I then work with an elite group of reputable vendors to get your home looking its best inside and out, while creating outstanding cross-platform marketing materials that catch every buyer’s eye.

From the right staging and the perfect photos to a show-stopping open house, it’s all just part of my devotion to maximizing your listing’s potential. Through flyers, facebook, past clients, and making phone calls to every possible buyer, not a day goes by that I am not utilizing every tool available to promote your home.

Throughout it all, I remain a great listener and proactively communicate every step of the process. I make everything transparent and share all the market facts with you, so you’re assured you’re getting top dollar for your home. As a master negotiator, I do whatever it takes to secure the best opportunities for you, while exercising patience to get the best deal possible. After all, your success and satisfaction are paramount. I make sure your experience is as amazing as the results!


For years I’ve been helping my clients obtain new levels of financial freedom through real estate investing. Whether buying, selling, renting or flipping, I know value and how to maximize any investment. I am proactive and always searching for fantastic opportunities that fulfill your short and long term goals. With me, you’ll never miss out on a great deal.



From opulent getaways to celebrity homes, I’ve bought and sold them all. I understand what high-end clients want and offer an unmatched level of service to fulfill it. For buyers, I help you discern the best of the best and fiercely negotiate to acquire it at the optimal price. For sellers, I market effectively and in a timely manner, exposing your home to every qualified buyer out there. From beginning to end, I create an effortless, privileged experience that yields immaculate results.